How & Where to Get a Youth Sports Sponsorship [2024 Guide]

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Youth sports are more than just games–they're transformative experiences that instill invaluable life lessons and skills in young athletes. From fostering teamwork and leadership to promoting physical health and helping children experience healthy competition, sports play a vital role in the development of children and adolescents. 

Of course, parents and coaches want to ensure access to the highest quality sports programs. This is where youth sports sponsorships are practical. By providing financial support, resources, and opportunities, sponsorships empower youth sports programs to thrive, enabling more young people to reap the benefits of organized athletics. It helps give sponsoring businesses more exposure, too.

In this article, we delve into the world of youth sports sponsorships, exploring their significance, how to secure them for your team and spotlight companies working to support youth sports. 

What is a youth sports sponsorship?

A youth sports sponsorship is a partnership between a company or organization and a youth sports team, league or program. In such a sponsorship arrangement, the company provides financial support, goods or services to the youth sports organization in exchange for promotional opportunities or other benefits. 

These benefits often include advertising opportunities such as logos on uniforms, banners or other signage at sports events or mentions on the organization's website and social media channels.

Why are youth sports sponsorships so important?

Youth sports sponsorships play a crucial role in supporting the operations and activities of youth sports organizations. They help offset equipment, uniforms, facility rentals, travel costs and coaching fees. Additionally, sponsorships can enhance the overall experience for young athletes by providing access to better resources and facilities.

Overall, youth sports sponsorships benefit both the sponsoring companies— which gain exposure and goodwill within the community—and the youth sports organizations, which receive much-needed financial support to continue providing opportunities for children to participate in sports.

What types of businesses offer youth sports sponsorships?

A wide variety of businesses offer youth sports sponsorships, ranging from local establishments to national corporations

  • National Brands: Large corporations often sponsor youth sports programs as part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives or marketing strategies.
  • Sporting Goods Stores: Many sports equipment retailers sponsor youth sports teams or leagues, providing equipment, uniforms or financial support. 
  • Local Businesses: For local businesses, providing youth sports sponsorships offers an almost endless array of benefits, from direct business to supporting the local community. 
  • Financial Institutions: Banks often sponsor youth sports programs in their communities as a way to support local initiatives and engage with customers.
  • Automotive Companies: Car manufacturers are avid supporters of sports teams, events and players. Many have programs specifically geared towards supporting youth baseball and softball programs, providing funding, equipment and clinics.
  • Hospitality Industry: Hotels and hospitality chains often sponsor youth sports tournaments or events, providing lodging discounts or financial support. They enjoy building relationships with teams and their families, so when it’s time to decide on housing, they’ll choose their venue to Stay-to-Play.  
  • Fast Food Chains: Restaurants, whether national chains or local establishments, commonly sponsor youth sports programs or leagues, sometimes assisting on the event production side, assisting with catering, providing rewards programs for players or opportunities for team building, etc. 
  • Retailers: Retail chains often sponsor youth sports events or leagues as part of their community involvement initiatives.

These are just a few examples of the types of businesses that commonly offer youth sports sponsorships. In reality, any business with an interest in supporting local communities, promoting health and wellness or reaching families and children as potential customers may consider sponsoring youth sports programs.

How to get a sponsorship for your youth sports team

Securing sponsorships can be a game-changer and should be part of your broader planning that occurs before planning individual games and other event management

In this section, we'll explore actionable steps and strategies to help you navigate the sponsorship landscape effectively.

1. Write a sponsorship or donation letter

Writing a sponsorship or donation letter from your sports team involves crafting a persuasive and compelling message that succinctly communicates your youth sports organization's goals, the impact of the sponsorship and the benefits for the potential sponsor. 

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you write an effective sponsorship or donation letter:

  • Start with a strong opening: Begin your letter with a strong and engaging opening sentence or paragraph to grab the reader's attention. Consider starting with a personal anecdote, a powerful statistic or a compelling statement about your organization's mission.
  • Introduce your organization: Provide a brief introduction to your organization, including its name, mission and any relevant background information. Highlight your organization's accomplishments and community impact.
  • Explain the purpose: Clearly explain the purpose of your letter and why you are seeking sponsorship or donations. Describe the specific program, event or initiative that the sponsorship will support.
  • Outline the benefits: Explain how their support will make a difference and highlight any recognition, visibility or promotional opportunities they will receive in return.
  • Provide details: Include specific details about the sponsorship or donation, such as the amount or type of support you are requesting. If applicable, provide information about sponsorship levels, perks or incentives for different donation amounts.
  • Personalize the letter: Tailor the content of the letter to the interests and priorities of the potential sponsor, demonstrating that you have done your research and understand their values.
  • Express gratitude: Express genuine appreciation for the recipient's consideration and support, regardless of their decision. Thank them for their time and attention while letting them know how much their support means to your organization.
  • Provide contact information: Include contact information for your organization and encourage the recipient to reach out with any questions or to discuss the opportunity further.

Remember to keep your letter concise, focused and persuasive and always follow up with potential sponsors or donors to express gratitude and provide any additional information they may need.

2. Research youth sports sponsors

Conduct thorough research on potential sponsors. Look for businesses and organizations that have a history of supporting youth sports or have an interest in community involvement. 

Explore local businesses, national corporations and even regional sports associations. Online searches, networking within your community and contacting other sports teams can be valuable ways to identify potential sponsors.

3. Consider grant applications

Youth sports grant opportunities can provide significant financial support for your youth sports team. Research various grant programs offered by governmental bodies, charitable foundations and sports-related organizations. 

Tailor your grant applications to align with each funding opportunity's specific criteria and objectives. Be sure to highlight the impact of your sports program on the community, the benefits it provides to youth participants and how the grant funds will be utilized to further your team's goals.

4. Work with your local community 

Engaging with your local community can be instrumental in securing sponsorships for your youth sports team. Build relationships with businesses, community organizations and civic leaders by attending local events, networking meetings and community gatherings. 

Collaborate with local businesses to organize fundraising events, sponsorship drives or promotional activities that benefit both parties. Establishing strong ties within your community not only enhances your sponsorship prospects but also fosters a sense of support and unity around your youth sports program.

Companies that offer youth sports sponsorships

Let’s shine a light on some organizations working to make a difference in the youth sports world. 

Dick's Sporting Goods Sports Matter Program

The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation, established in 2011, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to inspiring sports participation among youth. Through grants and support, it aids under-resourced organizations, schools and community teams nationwide. 

Notably, the Sports Matter Program has donated $100 million since 2014, benefiting over 2 million kids in all 50 states.

Gatorade Youth Sports Partnerships

Gatorade is deeply committed to fostering equity and inclusion within youth sports through various initiatives. Their mission is to empower athletes and communities, breaking down barriers to access and opportunity. 

Through their Fuel Tomorrow program, Gatorade aims to help millions of athletes realize their potential.

Nike Community Impact Fund

The Nike Community Impact Fund is committed to empowering communities, especially focusing on women, girls and the Black Community Commitment (BCC). With an investment of $149 million in FY22, Nike aims to ensure that every child has access to play sports. 

Through collaborations with over 100 community partners, Nike implements inclusive play- and sport-based programs globally. 

Chevy Youth Baseball, Softball and Hockey


Chevy Youth Sports programs offer exclusive instructional clinics to get your team ready for baseball, softball and hockey tournaments across select markets in the United States. These clinics provide participants with the opportunity to learn essential skills from professionals in the respective sports. 

Chevy Youth Baseball & Softball clinics, for instance, offer instruction from former or current Major or Minor League players and coaches, as well as Ripken Baseball or MLBPAA professional staff.

Under Armour 


Under Armour is dedicated to empowering youth through sports, recognizing the transformative impact athletics can have on individuals and communities. Through their "More Than Just a Game" initiative, they strive to create opportunities for millions of young athletes to engage in sports by 2030, breaking down barriers that hinder participation.

Comcast & USA Gymnastics


Comcast, through its Xfinity brand, has forged a significant partnership with the U.S. Gymnastics governing body to support youth sports programs and elite athletes. As the title sponsor of the U.S. Gymnastics Championships for 2023 and 2024, Comcast is deeply involved in promoting gymnastics at both the grassroots and elite levels. 

Additionally, Comcast supports programs for disabled athletes, demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity in sports. 

Keurig Dr. Pepper Let's Play Fund



The Let's Play Fund, initiated by Keurig Dr. Pepper (KDP), has made significant investments to support youth sports and play initiatives. Since 2011, Let's Play has invested over $40 million and engaged 80,000 volunteers, benefiting 14.7 million children. 

Partnering with national nonprofits Good Sports and KABOOM!, Let's Play has awarded more than 4,750 sports equipment and playspace grants to youth-serving organizations across North America.

Other companies that sponsor youth sports teams

Many other organizations sponsor teams on a local and regional level. If you have a local branch of one of these retailers, it’s worth checking with them whether they’re accepting sponsorship applications.

  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Bank of America
  • Home Depot
  • Pizza Hut
  • Publix
  • Skyline Chili
  • State Farm
  • US Bank
  • Walmart

Get organized for your next youth sports tournament

Now that you're equipped with valuable insights on securing youth sports sponsorships, it's time to put your knowledge into action. Whether you're seeking funding for equipment, facilities or other essentials, remember to tailor your approach to each potential sponsor, highlighting the mutual benefits of partnership. 

By building strong relationships within your community and leveraging available resources, you can help ensure that young athletes have the support they need to thrive.

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