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If you've planned a sports event or tournament before, you know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to get everything done–from managing event housing to creating an event website to choosing the perfect event venue. Handling this alone can be overwhelming–but that's where sports event management software comes in. 

Sports event management software tools are a great way to manage and plan your next sports event efficiently and profitably–with much less stress. This blog post will review some of the best apps out there so you can optimize your next sporting event and wow your guests!

What is Sports Event Management Software?

Sports event management software aids in the organizing, scheduling, and overall execution of sports events. Event producers, sports clubs, sports leagues, and trainers use these software platforms to automate administrative tasks, assign tasks, and facilitate communication between all event organizers and attendees. 

These platforms can vary in services they offer and the features they provide, but may include event ticketing management, event housing support, audience engagement tools, and event analytics. 

Types of Sports Event Management Software

Some sports management software providers specialize in one service, while others may have a broader use. Here are a few types of sports management software platforms you might see: 

  • Ticketing software
  • Event housing platforms 
  • Race registration systems 
  • Event planning & marketing platforms  
  • Timing & splitting apps
  • And much more

Features to Look For in Sports Event Management Software

If you’re using sports event management software, you want to choose the best fit for your event and business. Here are some capabilities to look out for during your research:

Accessible & Easy to Use

Make sure that your software is straightforward and easy to use. Not only does this save you time on your end, but also on the customers' end. Whether your attendees are booking hotel blocks or registering for a race, you want the process to be as smooth as possible. 

This also means you want to make sure attendees can access the software or app from wherever they are, whether it’s an at-home desktop or their mobile phone. 

Customization & White Labeling Options

Branded website using EventPipe event housing management software.

Customization is key: your software provider should be able to accommodate the unique needs and requirements of the event or organization. This could include the specific type of sport, the size of the event, branding options, and more.

If necessary, consider software that offers white labeling services so you can add your own logos, colors, and other brand identifiers. This feature is handy for businesses that want to keep brand consistency across all platforms with which their clients or customers interact. It improves brand recognition and visibility–while providing users with a seamless experience.

Revenue Opportunities 

Efficient ticketing, housing, and registration can streamline sales processes, drive attendance, and, in turn, increase revenue. But there are other revenue opportunities within the sports event space, through upsells, cross-sells, and advertising.

For example, EventPipe, an event housing management software, offers various revenue streams for event producers managing room blocks–such as through local advertisements on their event and booking sites, by charging cancellation or transaction fees, linking to merchandise sales, and more.

Plus, many sports event management platforms come with built-in marketing and promotional tools so organizations can reach a wider audience, attract more sponsors, and boost their profitability.

Tracking & Analytics

Data tracking, analysis and reporting are all critical to determining the ROI of your sports event. Choose a software provider that allows you to track every metric you need to determine success, including attendance rates, revenue generation, and customer engagement. 

These reports can offer insights into attendee behavior and preferences so organizers can refine their strategies for future events to improve attendees' overall experience–and realize more profit.  

Privacy and Security 

In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever to have software capable of keeping important data private. Sports event management software will handle a large amount of sensitive data, including personal information of the participants and attendees, financial transactions and more. 

You need your event attendees to feel safe and secure when using any app associated with your brand. 

Best Sports Event Software: Event Housing Management

Now that we’ve reviewed some features to look out for, here are some of the best sports event management software platforms, starting with event housing. 



EventPipe is a modern event housing management software that streamlines the entire housing process for event producers and attendees. Our cloud-based, self-service software provides a variety of event housing management tools so you can say goodbye to the tedious, time-consuming systems of the past.

Connect with the thousands of hotels through the Hotel Portal, where you can request desired rooms, choose the hotels you want to receive proposals from, confirm reservations, and upload confirmation numbers. 

Simplify the booking process for your attendees with a customizable website with unique links for booking and instructions. Allow your attendees to view the guest portal that enables them to view reservations and group blocks or cancel any reservations. 

Create new revenue opportunities while you manage room block with advertising on your custom event website, transaction and cancellation fees, selling merchandise, and more. 

The sky's the limit when you use EventPipe for your next sporting event.



Key Features: 

  • Event Housing Management: Choose from tens of thousands of hotels that you can use filters in dozens of ways including room type, distance from venue, and amenity options.
  • Customizable Booking Site: Build an event in less than 10 minutes with your branded logo and imagery–no coding required. 
  • Additional Revenue Streams: Add additional revenue streams to your booking site through advertisements and optional items. 
  • Group Block Management: Choose multiple hotels and room types, provide attendees with booking instructions, designate a group block manager, view live inventory, and modify room blocks. 
  • Streamlined RFP Process: Request desired nights, room types, concessions, and complimentary rooms through an easy-to-use interface. Select which hotels you want to receive proposals from and then negotiate and accept proposals right from your account. 
  • Simplified Attendee Booking: Attendees can easily view, manage, and track their reservations on a mobile-friendly website. They can also get on a waitlist for sold-out hotels.
  • Data Reporting & Analytics: Analyze and track the financial performance and pick-up rates for all your events. You can also monitor hotel cut-off dates and reservation confirmation statuses.

Taking control of your sports event housing has never been easier. Want to check out EventPipe? Book a demo today.

Best Sports Event Software: Sports Ticketing

Here are some top sports event software to use for help with ticket sales and management.

1. TicketSocket

TicketSocket is a white-label ticketing and registration solution for sports events. The platform offers customizable ticketing and registration for vendors and organizers, as well as event management, CRM capabilities, reporting, and more. 

Key Features:

  • Analytics and reporting: Customizable data insights that can be used to make business decisions. 
  • Onsite Box Office: Organizers can use mobile apps to make quick credit and cash sales at the event entrance. 
  • REST API: Advanced access and opportunities to create new profits with recurring fees. 
  • Multiple Users: Organizers can restrict and customize all access levels for staff members, administration, cashiers, and more. 


2. TicketManager 


TicketManager is a software platform specializing in ticket management and event management. This software allows users to create custom registration pages, manage guest check-ins, and access ROI reports.


Key Features: 

  • Ticket Management: Manage tickets and send out event invitations.
  • Event Marketing: Personalized websites and email marketing. 
  • Reporting: Reports on ticket sales, customer satisfaction, and event ROI.
  • Salesforce Integration: Direct integration with Salesforce CRM for customer visibility. 


3. ThunderTix


ThunderTix is a ticket management software that helps event planners and organizers monitor and market event tickets. Users can track balances, create seating charts, sell merchandise, and market from one platform.



Key Features: 

  • Barcode Ticket Scanning: Scan barcode tickets, see patron names and seats, and look up tickets with their app.
  • Mass Email Marketing: Send out customizable email blasts and track conversions.
  • Thermal Ticket Integration: Customize tickets and receipts for printing at the box office. 
  • Report and Analytics: Data is gathered on customers, coupons, financials, and more. 


4. Audience View


Audience View is a suite of tools for both ticket and event management. This platform helps users set up ticketing for campus events, graduations, virtual events, and sports events. It focuses on providing audience growth strategies and client community support. 


Key Features: 

  • Email Marketing: Users can promote events and ticketing through email. 
  • Automated Distribution: Automatically list and share your event on partner sites.
  • Consumer Behavior Report: Get consumer behavioral insights and preferences for preferred ticketing methods, ticket delivery, donation incentives, and more. 
  • Reporting: Automated dashboards and segmentation capabilities provide insight into fans’ interactions.


Best Sports Event Software: Event Calendars & Planning

Here are some sports event software options for event calendaring and planning.

1. is a sports event planning app for event professionals. The software allows users to create and customize calendars and integrate them into their website or mobile app, accept online event registrations and payments, manage attendees, and more. 



Key Features: 

  • Social Media Marketing: Post events on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Ticketing: Sell event tickets for games and tournaments from your website
  • Custom Branding: Personalized calendars match your brand and style
  • Calendar Imports: Schedule imports to keep the event calendar up to date.
  • Email Newsletter: Send out email newsletters for upcoming events with MailChimp. 


2. ClearEvent


ClearEvent offers sports event management support for registration, ticket sales, scheduling, and more. Users can customize registration forms and tickets to match events, manage job assignments for staff and volunteers, and provide self-service on-site kiosks to sell online tickets. 

Key Features: 

  • Schedule Builder: Build and publish schedules for multiple events.
  • Promote Sponsors: Promote event sponsors and display logos, banner ads, special offers, and contact info.
  • Event Budgeting: Users can import their budget or use a starter budget that comes with revenue and expense categories.
  • Send Invites: Email invitations to promote registration and ticket sales.


Best Sports Event Software: Race Registration

Top sports event software that streamlines the registration process with forms, links, reminders, and more. 

1. Red Podium 

Red Podium is an online event registration for races and competitive sports. Users can access funds instantly from their bank or charity account, branding control, social media integration, and more. 

Red Podium also offers conversion tracking that monitors goals and progress for campaigns, teams, and individuals, a way to add a donation option during registration, and an ambassador program that lets participants promote your races and events. 


Key Features: 

  • Check-In App: Mobile check-in app to make the on-site process easier.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Track conversion rates, traffic sources, and inventory in real-time. 
  • Real View Builder: Dynamic live previews for your registration pages.
  • Branding Control: Create registration pages to match websites with logos, fonts, colors, and more. 
  • Social Media Integration: Social media integration for registration forms.


2. RunSignUp


RunSignUp is an all-in-one platform made for fundraising and endurance events so organizations can boost revenue and supporter engagement. RunSignUp assists with registration for walks, runs, marathons, triathlons, virtual and hybrids, and more. 


Key Features: 

  • Registration: Streamline registration with data collection, pricing tools, display options, and analytics. 
  • Email: Build and brand your emails with logos, templates, and colors before sending them out. 
  • Fundraising: Integrate donations into ticketing with a check box option, add charities, and more. 
  • Ticket Events: Set up ticketing with the wizard tool, free website, email, and Tickets App. 
  • Websites: Build customizable websites with unlimited pages.


3. Race Entry


Race Entry offers services that help race directors and planners manage their events, increase participant numbers, and streamline race registration. The platform offers both race growth tools, race management software, and a race map builder.


Key Features: 

  • Race Maps: Create race maps for free with icons and add them to your event site. 
  • Incomplete Registration Reminders: View and email any participants that have not completed registration. 
  • Customizable Reporting: Track and view review revenue by pay period and analyze marketing efforts. 
  • Facebook Integration: Participants can share and confirm that they’ve registered for the race on Facebook. 


Use the Best Sports Event Management Software

From managing the event to setting up ticketing and check-in to finding event housing and more – everything becomes easier when you've got the perfect tool to help you. The right software not only streamlines your event management but also improves the entire event experience for the participants and guests. 

This article covered a lot of sports event software types, including race registration apps, ticketing software, and event planning management. However, if you’re looking for the best event housing management software, you’ll want to work with EventPipe

EventPipe is the perfect software to manage all aspects of event housing so you can offer branded experiences, streamline operations, and maximize revenue streams.


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