11 Great Sports Team Management Software Platforms & Apps [2024]

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Managing a sports team is no small feat. Between organizing events and tournaments, keeping track of team member registrations, and ensuring all logistics run smoothly, there's no shortage of responsibilities. This is where sports team management software comes in, helping streamline all the administrative tasks associated with running a sports league.

This guide will explore some of the top sports team management software on the market today. Whether you're a coach, a team manager, or a tournament operator, these platforms can help you efficiently manage all your sports team-related activities.

What is Sports Team Management Software?

Sports team management software tools are digital platforms designed to streamline administrative tasks involved in managing a sports team, league, or club. They range in functionality, offering features including event registrations, match scheduling, tournament housing management, payment collections, and more. 

Sports team management software aims to reduce manual organization, improve centralized communication, increase productivity and raise customer satisfaction. These platforms provide more time for improving team performance by automating administrative tasks.

Best Sports Team Management Software & Apps

If you’re looking to get sports software working for your team, check out our curated list of some of the best sports management software platforms and applications. 

1. EventPipe


Best for: Any sports team or league needing support with event housing. 

EventPipe is a cutting-edge event housing management software that acts as a one-stop shop for event housing. It reduces the traditional hurdles faced by event organizers and visitor bureaus, offering a convenient, cloud-based platform for managing housing arrangements, from youth sports league tournaments to large sports conventions. 

EventPipe makes the entire event lifecycle incredibly easy while creating additional revenue streams for housing companies and event producers.


Eventpipe dashboard


Key Features: 

  • Hotel Bookings: Choose from thousands of hotels to find the best fit for event attendees.
  • Customizable Booking Site: Build an event with a branded logo and imagery in less than 10 minutes – no coding expertise required!
  • Revenue Streams: In addition to commission and rebates, access additional revenue sources through advertisements and optional add-on items. 
  • Group Block Management: Oversee group block management with ease, manage multiple hotels and room types, designate a group block manager and view live inventory.
  • Streamlined RFP Process: Request desired nights, room types, concessions, and complimentary rooms. Hotels can review your request and respond. Then, you can negotiate and accept proposals all on one user-friendly interface. 
  • Simplified Attendee Booking: Attendees can effortlessly view, manage, and track their reservations on a mobile-friendly website and even get on a waitlist for sold-out hotels.
  • Robust Data Reporting & Analytics: Analyze and track the financial performance and pick-up rates for events. Enables users to monitor hotel cut-off dates and reservation confirmation statuses.

EventPipe is ideal for managing housing services for various events, not just limited to sports tournaments. It's optimal for corporate events, festivals, concerts, or weddings.


2. Stack Team App


Best for: Small teams and social groups looking to build a phone app for free.

Stack Team App enables teams to create their very own smartphone app without any coding. Teams use these apps for attendance tracking, chatting, sharing documentation, tracking attendance, checking scores, managing registrations, and more. 

Team App dashboard


Key Features: 

  • Communication: Create a place for your team to stay in touch via private or public chat rooms.
  • Team management: Track attendance, receive registrations, schedule games and events, and other administrative tasks.
  • Surveys and voting: Create and share surveys and tally votes on the platform.


3. Hockey Night in Boston



Best for: Hockey teams looking to book a hotel or join a tournament

Hockey Night in Boston allows boys and girls hockey teams to easily join tournaments, festivals and showcases to compete with and against talent from all over the United States, parts of Canada, and Europe. Their showcases are scouted by NCAA D1 and D3 schools, club hockey programs, Prep schools and Junior teams and players get a free recruiting profile to connect with Prep schools and Colleges.




Key Features: 

  • Hotel Booking: Teams and guests can book a hotel through the platform’s website for certain sports events.
  • CaptainU Profile: Coaches and athletes can make their own profiles to be scouted or connect with each other.
  • HNIB App: Users can keep track of scores, schedules, information about the players, sport events, and more from the HNIB app.


4. Jersey Watch


Best for: Custom sports-related website.

JerseyWatch allows you to build a sports-focused website within minutes so you can simplify some of the standard admin tasks related to sports teams and events. Besides websites, they assist with registrations, event scheduling, running background checks, and receiving donations.


JerseyWatch dashboard


Key Features: 

  • Website Builder: Offers website-building tools using templates that don't require any coding knowledge.
  • Ease Registration: Add registration features to your website for your teams or programs and also collect program fees.
  • Communication: Communicate to groups or individuals via text or email within one dashboard.
  • Event Scheduling: Post, organize, and publicize upcoming events or games on your website.
  • Background Checks: Run checks on volunteers and coaches.


5. SportsEngine


Best for: League and team management 

SportsEngine is a directory for youth sports programs offering sports-related content for young athletes, parents, coaches, fans, and administrators. They also offer a sports management app and website software for gathering and organizing payments, creating and managing leagues, and communicating with team members. 

SportsEngine dashboard


Key Features: 

  • SportsEngine HQ: Team admins and coaches create a team profile to manage payments, organize uniform orders, communicate with players, and more.
  • SportsEngine Mobile App: Post schedules and communicate with parents and players via the mobile app.
  • Preseason preparation: Collect registration payments, send preseason messages, Registration and memberships, complete safety training and submit background checks.
  • Team Management: Organize and update rosters and share practice plans, feedback, and tips with the team.
  • Schedule management: Post and update schedules, receive gameday RSVPs, and share stats and standings.


6. EZFacility


Best for: Sports and fitness businesses that operate in gyms, studios, and facilities.

EZFacility software focuses on facility management. If you run a gym, health center, or other sports facility, you may look to this provider to help with facility scheduling, memberships, invoicing, employee management, and more. 


EZFacility dashboard


Key Features: 

  • Access control: Oversee who has access to your facility via an online dashboard
  • Branded app: Create a customized app that allows your clients to view schedules, receive notifications, and book classes.
  • Employee management: View time logs, update wages, post schedules, and clock in and out.
  • Membership management: View memberships, create custom plans, update member profiles, and edit accounts in the dashboard.


7. TeamSnap


Best for: Scheduling and management of sports games

TeamSnap is a cloud-based software to manage sports groups and teams. Administrators access a dashboard online to roster, schedule, invoice, and send reminders. Players and parents use the app to see schedules and assignments and to post availability. 

TeamSnap rostering feature


Key Features: 

  • Dashboard: Schedule events and games and communicate with your roster.
  • Mobile app: Allow your players and their families access to all the info they need on one app. 
  • Member details: Capture, edit, and organize member profiles. 
  • Master calendar: See all events on one calendar. 


8. Connecteam

Best for: HR & people management 

Connecteam offers solutions for managing the employees within your fitness business. It helps organizations with employee scheduling, communication, task management, HR needs, and more.

Connecteam dashboard


Key Features: 

  • Scheduling: Schedule shifts, training sessions, and classes.
  • Checklists: Create checklists to help your team keep track of their daily tasks.
  • Time tracking: Allow your trainers to track their time so you can export those details on payday.
  • Communication: Chat with your team, or share updates and work announcements.


9. TeamLinkt


Best for: Basic team management software for free.

TeamLinkt offers sports websites and a free mobile app. The team app provides features that improve the experience of your participants, including features like availability, directions, and troubleshooting.


TeamLinkt schedule builder


Key Features: 

  • Roster: create your team roster with contact details.
  • Schedule: Post your schedule with automatic reminders.
  • RSVP: Track who’s attending each event.
  • Communicate: Chat, email, and share photos with your group.
  • Live feed: Share live updates and video streams of your game. 


10. TeamSideline



Best for: League registration & game scheduling 

Team Sideline touts itself as a one-stop-shop for sports management. The platform offers scheduling, registrations, communication tools, and more. What sets them apart is their dedication to providing exceptional customer service to ensure you’re using the platform to its maximum capability.


TeamSideline dashboard


Key Features: 

  • League and tournament management: Register players, configure your roster, schedule games, and more. 
  • TeamSideline app: Create a team site for each of your teams. Send reminders, track attendance, and take polls.
  • People management: Manage game officials and volunteers for each event.
  • Facility and membership management: Show schedules and facility availability online, and collect membership fees.


11. MonClubSportif


Best for: App access for both players and parents.

MonClubSportif aims to simplify sports league management for teams, coaches, players, schools, and associations. It offers a centralized platform for game scheduling, results tracking, player availability, and automatic reminders. It includes features like player dashboards, discussion forums, a shared team album, and a “Shared Access” function for parents and children.


MonClubSportif registration function


Key Features: 

  • Scheduling: Streamline game and practice schedules.
  • Game Results Tracking: Stay updated with the latest team scores and results.
  • Availability Management: Easily track player availability for matches and sessions.
  • Player Information and Statistics: View in-depth player profiles and performance stats.
  • Shared Access: Allows players and parents to access the same team information.


More About Sports Team Management Apps

Sports team management apps have become a game-changer in how teams, leagues, and sports associations are managed. From simplifying administrative duties to fostering player engagement, these software solutions make the life of anyone involved in sports leagues and teams much easier.



Features to look for in sports team management software 

When choosing a sports team management software, consider the following features:

  • Ease of Use: The software should be user-friendly, enabling you to manage team matters effectively without a steep learning curve.
  • Roster Management: Look for an ability to manage player and coach information, along with handling additions and subtractions to teams with ease.
  • Scheduling: The software should enable easy scheduling of matches, training sessions, and other events.
  • Communication Tools: It should offer a streamlined communication channel for your team, such as email notifications, text alerts, or in-app messaging.
  • Registration Management: A good app will manage registrations for seasons, tournaments, or events efficiently.
  • Payment Collection: The ability to handle financial transactions for fees, merchandise, and even fundraising is critical.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Ensure the software is mobile-friendly, enabling you to manage your team on the go.

Are there free sports team management apps? 

Yes, there are free sports team management apps available. However, they are often limited in features unless upgraded to a paid subscription. Most free tools will offer basic functionalities like scheduling and communication, but advanced capabilities like payment collection, advanced analytics, or automated scheduling may require a paid plan.

How much do sports team management apps cost? 

The cost of sports team management apps varies widely based on the features and level of service provided. Some apps operate on a software as a service (SaaS) subscription model, charging monthly or annually. Others might offer a flat rate per season or per player. 

The cost can range from a few dollars per month for basic apps to several hundred dollars per season for more robust, all-inclusive solutions.

Use the Best Sports Team Management Software

Efficient management is key to a successful sports organization. With the right sports team management software, overseeing registrations, keeping track of schedules, simplifying communication and organizing sporting events becomes a breeze.

Whether you're a local community baseball league or a multi-state soccer organization, it's time to leverage modern technology for your sports administration needs. The software providers listed can help save you time, reduce stress, and allow you to focus more on what you love – the joy and satisfaction of sports.

Of course, if you’re looking for event housing management support, EventPipe is the best option. EventPipe offers a modern approach to event housing management software so you can say goodbye to outdated systems, move faster, and wow your guests.



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