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Introducing Paula Gravatt, JPG Travel Solutions

Paula Gravatt, Owner of JPG Travel Solutions, has spent over 10 years in the leisure, travel and customer service industries. With prior experience as a CrossFit Affiliate Owner and Corporate Event Manager, Paula’s passion for traveling has led her to visit and explore over 20 countries. Her global experiences have fueled her desire to help people experience everything great in this world. Paula’s fervent love for travel inspired her to launch JPG Travel Solutions, a travel agency with a particular focus on sporting events. 

Life for Paula and JPG Travel Before EventPipe: A Tedious Housing Experience

For her events, Paula initially ran into one particular issue; she wasn’t able to host large groups of spectators. When she needed room blocks for athletes, vendors and volunteers, she had to make room lists and manage them internally. This was a tedious process, often involving multiple spreadsheets and different systems. Overall, this led to a significant amount of work versus letting the event attendee book the reservation on his or her end. At the end of the day, Paula had far more important event-related things to worry about than managing these chaotic room lists.

A Better Way to Manage Event Housing

Although Paula was struggling with room block management, she initially wasn’t truly aware of a better solution out on the market. But after using EventPipe, she realized that event housing management could be done in a much better fashion. With custom-branded booking sites and the ability to provide a seamless booking experience, she was able to professionalize her business and give value to her clients and their respective communities. Additionally, Paula benefited from a streamlined contracting process with hotels and gained new insights into real-time event pickup data that she was missing out on previously.

The EventPipe Difference

EventPipe has simplified the back-office workflow for her team, and it has become an invaluable tool that she relies on to continue to grow her travel management company. With multiple events in one single platform, she can take on more clients, ultimately bringing in more revenue in the process.

“My favorite features are the contracting process, the ability to track pickup in real-time, and the booking platform. Contracting has become super simple and streamlined for me. Before EventPipe, contracting was a nightmare. It’s now simple and professional. I love the ability to see room night pickup. This allows me to quickly answer my client’s questions about the room block, provide better customer service to travelers and event attendees, and estimate profits for both me and my clients. I love the booking platform because it professionalizes my business and offers a service to event participants. I love that attendees can filter hotels based on their needs.”

  • - Paula Gravatt, Owner, JPG Travel Solutions, Hotel Management for Sporting Events


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