How to Apply for Youth Sports Grants [2024 Guide]

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Youth sports programs are a vibrant part of child development, enhancing physical fitness and building essential life skills. With 52% of the public believing that funding has the most significant impact on participation at the school level, the importance of accessing youth sports grants is undeniable. 

Knowing how to effectively apply for these grants can lead to enhanced facilities, more equipment and greater access for all participants.  However, managing a sports program is no small feat—with countless logistical details to handle, the task of securing additional funds can seem daunting. 

Don’t fret: this blog post is designed to simplify the grant application process. It will walk you through each step, ensuring you have the tools needed to secure funding and support the development of young athletes in your community.

What is a Youth Sports Grant?

A youth sports grant is financial support provided by organizations, such as governmental bodies, private foundations and corporations, to youth sports programs. These grants are designed to help cover the costs associated with running sports activities like equipment purchases, facility rentals, transportation and more.

Benefits of Youth Sports Grants


  • Accessibility: Grants make sports programs more accessible to all kids, including those from low-income families, by covering costs that might otherwise be prohibitive, like travel.
  • Quality Enhancement: With additional funding, programs can afford better equipment and facilities, which enhance the overall quality of the sports experience for young participants.
  • Growth Opportunities: Grants allow programs to expand their offerings, increasing the number of sports or participants they can accommodate.
  • Community Impact: By supporting youth sports, grants contribute to healthier, more engaged communities, as sports participation has been linked to improved physical health, academic performance and social skills.
  • Sustainability: Grants can provide the financial stability needed to sustain programs year after year, ensuring ongoing benefits to the community and participants.

How to Apply for Youth Sports Grants


A structured approach can increase your chances of raising funds. Here’s a step-by-step guide to navigating the application process:

1. Identify Your Youth Sports Program's Greatest Needs

Engage coaches, parents and athletes to prioritize needs such as equipment, facility upgrades, funding for staffing, transportation or tournament housing. This will guide your search for specific grants that match these priorities.

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2. Find Appropriate Youth Sports Grant Opportunities

Research grants that align with your program's needs. Utilize databases from foundations, local government websites and sports associations. Filter opportunities by eligibility criteria to find the best matches.

3. Collect the Required Information and Documentation

Gather all necessary documentation such as proof of nonprofit status, budget outlines, program statistics and community impact data. This information will support your application and demonstrate your program’s credibility and impact.

4. Complete Your Youth Sports Grant Application

Fill out the grant application with precise and compelling information. Clearly articulate how the grant will benefit your program and outline a plan for how funds will be used. Ensure that your application is free of errors to avoid delays or rejections and tailor each one to highlight how your program aligns with the grantor’s objectives.  

5. Submit and Track Your Grant Applications

Use a spreadsheet or project management tool to track deadlines, submission dates and follow-up tasks. This will help you manage multiple applications efficiently and keep on top of any requirements or additional steps post-submission.

6. Maintain Communication With Your Grant Provider After Approval

Once you receive a grant, send regular updates on how the funds are being used and the impact they are having. This relationship management can lead to future funding opportunities and ongoing support.

Types of Youth Sports Grant Programs


Securing funding for youth sports programs can be facilitated through various types of grant programs, each with unique benefits and considerations:

Federal Grant Programs

Federal grants are typically extensive and have strict eligibility requirements. These grants often focus on broad-reaching initiatives like enhancing physical education programs nationwide or supporting underserved communities. 

Federal grants are usually more competitive but can provide substantial funding. Some examples include: 

  • Youth.Gov: This resource guides users through the process of registering, searching and applying for grants via, focusing on financial support for youth programs.
  • Provides detailed information on a wide array of federal grants from the U.S. government, covering over 60,000 past and current opportunities.
  • Offers insights into government grants, including stimulus packages and funding opportunities from both state and federal agencies.

State and Local Government Grants

These grants often focus on improving local community facilities and programs. State and local grants might be less competitive and more accessible for smaller programs or specific local initiatives. They are excellent for programs looking to impact their immediate community directly.

To illustrate the diversity and reach of these opportunities, here are a few specific examples:

  • California.GrantWatch (California): A hub for finding grants that support youth sports, including programs that promote responsible sports and physical activity among youth in California.
  • Mayor's Youth Sports Grant (Boston): This program provides up to $5,000 for organizations serving Boston Public School students to cover costs such as athletic equipment and application fee waivers. 
  • LA84 Foundation (Southern California): This foundation awards grants to support sports equipment purchases, program costs and the renovation of sports facilities or fields in several Southern Californian counties.

Private and Corporate Grants

Offered by businesses and private foundations, these grants can be more flexible in terms of use and often support specific types of sports or demographic groups. Companies use these grants to fulfill corporate social responsibilities and often provide not just funding but also equipment and other resources.

To give you a clearer picture of what is available, consider these examples:

  • Louder Than Words by JD Finish Line Foundation: This grant program supports organizations that impact diverse and underserved communities, with grants up to $10,000 focused on Health & Wellness, Workforce Development and Safe Communities. Eligible organizations must be 501(c)(3) nonprofits serving people of color.
  • DICK'S Foundation Sports Matter: Offering grants ranging from $1,000 to $25,000, the DICK'S Sporting Goods Foundation supports organized sports for youths under 18. Eligibility is extended to 501(c)(3) nonprofits and public/charter schools in economically challenged areas, covering costs like equipment, fees and league expenses.
  • Nike Community Impact Fund Program: Managed by the Oregon Community Foundation, this program distributes at least $550,000 annually to nonprofits and schools in specific regions. The grants, typically ranging from $5,000 to $25,000, promote sports and physical activity among youth, contributing to healthier, more inclusive communities. 

Grants Offered by Sports Governing Bodies and Associations

Grants from sports governing bodies and associations often focus on specific sports or levels of play, ranging from grassroots to elite development programs. These organizations aim to promote their sports, support talent development and increase participation. The grants might cover things like coaching education, athlete development and event hosting. 

Due to their specific nature, these grants can provide valuable networking opportunities within the sport. Here are a few notable examples:

  • Lakers Youth Foundation: Offers quarterly grants ranging from $1,000 to $20,000, aimed at promoting education, teamwork and health within youth sports programs, particularly for underserved communities.
  • 15 and the Mahomies Foundation: Founded by NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes, this foundation provides grants to enhance health, wellness and academic opportunities in youth sports, focusing on underserved communities.
  • Nashville Predators Foundation: Distributes Helper Grants ranging from $500 to $10,000 for specific projects that benefit youth and their families in the Nashville or Middle Tennessee area.

Other Information to Know When Applying for Youth Sports Grants


Here are some frequently asked questions we think will better guide your search for funding:

Who is eligible to apply for youth sports grants?

Eligibility varies by grant. Typically, nonprofit organizations, schools and community sports programs that promote youth sports participation are eligible.

How can I find youth sports grants?

Explore online databases like, local community foundations and organizations specific to your sport. Networking with other sports programs can also reveal additional opportunities.

What kind of expenses can a youth sports grant cover?

Grants generally cover expenses like equipment, uniforms, travel, program operations and sometimes facility improvements.

What should I include in my grant application?

Include detailed information about your program, the need for funding, expected outcomes, a budget outline and any supporting documentation that highlights your program’s impact.

When should I be applying for youth sports grants?

Apply well ahead of your program's needs. Grant applications often have specific deadlines, but it's good practice to plan for a few months' lead time to account for decision-making processes.

Support Your Youth Sports Team With Grants & Beyond

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